The main objective of “ – innovative approach to organizational research and development” is to provide you with thorough, the most recent knowledge and skills related to the studies on organizations from an innovative, multidisciplinary point of view. It will be done from the perspective of three thematic fields related to studies on organisations: Organisational Research, Management Consulting and Entrepreneurship Innovation. The form of the course is a summer school, which is organized by Budapest College of Communication, Business and Art, Cologne Business School and Jagiellonian University (the coordinator of the programme). Why is it worth applying? Here you can find the reasons and the skills that you will acquire during participation in the programme.

If the traditional practices at tertiary level education are simply not enough for you:

  • you want to experience interdisciplinary practices which combine theoretical and practical approach of research, business and innovation
  • you want to learn from the experts in their own field and acquire skills which are not commonly practiced in your own Heigher Education Institution
  • you want to experience more than a traditional lecture, work in interactive and innovative way - on projects in international team, under the supervision of foreign tutor
  • and more precisely – if you want to gain knowledge of evidence-based management, acquire qualitative and quantitative organizational research methods, develop research skill, ability how to develop a consulting project in response to client’s needs and external conditions and create goal-oriented consulting solutions, ability how to discover entrepreneurship competences, understanding of the innovative process and knowledge how to create business based on innovations.
  • and what is more – you want to have a wonderful opportunity to develop in practice critical and creative thinking and improve your communication skills.

Then ‘ - innovative approach to organizational research and development’ is a perfect way for you to combine knowledge, practice, innovation and fun. You will not regret it!

Project is funded by ERASMUS programme.

For more information, visit the project's official website.