Visual representation BA specialization

In our training both the development of manual skills, the acquisition of traditional and new technologies and practicing a creative way of thinking are given emphasis.

You might be interested in individual or duplication graphics, painting, installation art, video art, or you can deal with storyboards – visual scripts –  used in filmmaking, comics and strip cartoons, the joint areas of fine arts and design, and the creative methods of contemporary art.


- basic computer graphic programs, contemporary imagery techniques and theories

- we will develop your manual skills and visualization methods

- you will be able to make not only illustrations for a novel but design the whole book

- you can create not only oil on canvas painting, but motion picture, interactive installations, and objects.

- we will provide you with deep theoretical knowledge

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The first year focuses on

- traditional visual art techniques

- materials and procedures of painting and graphics

The second year’s priorities are:

- 3D plastic and computer practical tasks – physical and virtual variations of visualization in space, installation design

Pillars of the third year:

- artistic features of motion pictures besides a static picture

- opportunities offered by artistic photo and video

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fine arts techniques; creative imagery studies; lino cutting; wood engraving; copper engraving; making lithography and screen prints; imagery and typography; imagery and media art; the history and practice of visual communication; illustration design; visual culture studies; image theories; book design; cartoons

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your manual skills are good, you are interested in the fine arts, your way of thinking is creative and original, and you would like to develop your skills on a high level.

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- as an independent artist, painter of graphic designer

- book designer, illustrator, cartoonist,

- visual designer, concept artist or a creator of any other area of graphic design

- the leader of an arts workshop or creative design club, or as a museum education professional

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you can continue studying at our MA course of graphic design

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ÁDÁM ALBERT DLA habil visual artist

LÁSZLÓ CSÁKI Balázs Béla Award-winning film director, visual artist

IMRE GÁBOR Munkácsy Award-winning graphic artist

GÁBOR GERHES Munkácsy Award-winning visual artist

GYULA JÚLIUS DLA Munkácsy Award-winning visual artist, head of the Graphic Institute

SÁNDOR RÁCMOLNÁR DLA Professor, Munkácsy Award-winning graphic artist, head of the program

PÁL SZACSVA Y DLA media artist

JÓZSEF SZOLNOKI director, media artist

ANDREJ TÓTH Aranyrajzszög (Golden Drawing Pin) Award-winning Graphic Designer

ÁKOS WECHTER visual artist

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visual representation artist, graphic designer bachelor

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6 semesters

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2300 EUR/semester for EU-students (includes the Member States of the EU, EEA and Turkey)

3000 EUR/semester for non-EU students

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“I chose this area because I felt this was closest to fine arts. The five years I spent here confirmed not only this presumption but offered a wonderful chance to work together closely and brainstorm with outstanding teachers and artists.”

Our graduate student GÁBOR MÁRIÁN

“We had the opportunity to deepen our knowledge and skills related to visual representation. Imagery works in our life further as an alternative communication form. We talk in a visual language, are able to express our thoughts through it and the best thing is that we can create a message which can be read by anyone.”

Our graduate student LAURA LUKÁCS

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  • DESIGN WEEK BUDAPEST 2015 ME(e)Tdesign pop-up exhibition;
  • OMDK 2015 Judit Horváth: Installation 2nd prize;
  • ANALYSIS Exhibition of the final year students of visual representation, B29 Gallery;
  • FRESH DESIGN international exhibition and workshop;
  • POLISH SIGNS 2011-2013 Polish Masters workshop and exhibition;
  • DIPLOMA plus exhibition, B32 Gallery;
  • NECROMONICON exhibition, Judit Horváth Lóczi: thesis work in the Latarka Gallery;
  • BARCSAY JENŐ AWARD Judit Horváth Lóczi;
  • FONT/IMAGE Gallery of Ervin Szabó Library;
  • ENTER, Exhibition Palace Budapest; Entrée 2017 exhibition, Budavári Palace – Anna Prakfalvi, Nikolett Zeke, Viktor Nagy took part on the exhibition with their diploma works at the Visual Representation Faculty BA; 
  • Nikolett Helischer graduated sudent at the Visual Representation Faculty BA in 2017 had a solo exhibition at Stefania Palace, Budapest in September 2017; 
  • Dóra Karakai second year student at the Visual Representation Faculty BA received a grant by the local government of district 15, Rákospalota, Pestújhely, Újpalota in autumn of 2017; 
  • Laura Sásdi graduated student at the Visual Representation BA in 2015 and Graphic Design MA in 2017, received a surcharge of Móra Ferenc Publishing at the Golden Vackor children book illustration competition in 2017; 
  • Anna Prakfalvi , graduated student at the Visual Representation BA in 2017 won the main prize of the Fine Art Competition of the Diákhitel Központ ZRT. in 2017
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Gyula Július DLA Associate Professor, Munkácsy Award-winning Visual Artist, head of the Graphic Institute

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Specializations are launched only if the sufficient number of students wish to join the specialization.