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  • 30 march 2022:  publication of the requirements concerning this year  admission on METU website, which includes the technical requirements of the portfolio and the list of the necessary documents. 
  • 6 April 2022: The Educational Authority send the applicant documents to the recieving institution. 
  • 12 April 2022:  notification of the applicants via e-mail. The notification includes the applicant's personal code generated by METU, the technical requirements of the portfolio, 
    the dates and the list of the  necessary documents.
  • May - July 2022:  entrance exams. 


Important! If you do not receive any notification from us by 14 April, please inform us! 

Contact details:  

  • e-mail: 
  • phone: 36 / 1-273-2419 (from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays) 

Please check your email  address  given  at  the  application  regularly,  because you will get important notifications from the Educational Authority and from METU too.  Check our website regularly for updates, too.


Admission information: