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Karina Kunakova / Environmental design BA

"Metropolitan is worth choosing for a variety of reasons, ranging from talented professors to great diversity in the educational process. 

Karina studied Environmental Design at METU. She’s had a particular interest in art since she was a child and after many years of studying this field, she realized that it is her dream job. She is always interested in this topic and enjoys the process of making wonderful spaces all over the world. After graduating from the university, she is planning to continue gaining skills in her professional field. 

Why did you choose this field, this major and what inspires you?     

I have had a particular interest in art since I was a child. I took drawing classes for many years and there I learned about the interior design profession. After many years of studying this field, I realized that it is my dream job that could inspire and motivate me my whole life. I am always interested in this topic and enjoy the process of making wonderful spaces all over the world. Everything around inspires me because art follows me everywhere. But nothing inspires me more than the works of my future colleagues and famous designers from every decade.  

What were your favourite projects at METU and why?    

I enjoyed most of the subjects because they were all unique and amusing. It is hard to say which subjects were my favorites because I was interested in everything. Practical classes were easier for me than lectures, I truly enjoyed the drawing and painting class, and the HVAC Systems and Lighting technologies lesson was also easy for me. But I consider the Design 1, 2, and 3 courses to be my favorite because it was the closest to my profession and there, I could completely give freedom to my creativity and design my projects and watch my progress. 

What was your diploma work and why did you choose this topic?     

The main task was to understand the structure of the existing building and renovate it into a new complex that could function in the area, be in demand among customers, and most importantly, have a high-quality design that could be safe to use and attractive. I decided to build a night entertainment complex with different functions and a complex structure. The circulation in the club allowed visitors to see each room with different designs and themes. Each floor has its function as a dressing room, reception, bar, sitting area, roof, and finally a large dance floor. The place is divided into two parts separated by colorful glass, also, in order to get to the final destination, you need to go through the special way with the hidden doors and funky decorations. I chose this topic because I wanted to create something brave and crazy enough to give freedom to my creativity and skills. I wanted to make something outstanding that could not be compared to other places and achieved it. 

What did METU contribute to your professional development?     

I am thankful for everything at METU because there you can be yourself and find your own professional way. Metropolitan helps to develop in different areas, even if you focus on only one profession. Our professors were kindly guiding us in the right ways and had a true interest in our goals and desires for our future careers. That helped me a lot because we were lost and had a huge amount of questions, but now we can see a clear picture of the future professional plans.  

What does METU’s credo “Inspired by Creativity” mean to you?     

The Metropolitan slogan is very similar to my own. Because for me, creativity is one of the most important qualities of an artist. Without creativity, the world would be empty and forever repetitive, and with it, each person can create something absolutely exciting and original. This is how the Metropolitan university works, here everyone can create something new and risk everything for their creation. Each student has their bright energy, and this separates our university from hundreds of others.  

What would you say to those who want to apply to a university, why choose METU?     

I can only give positive feedback to anyone who considers Budapest Metropolitan University because I enjoyed the educational process very much. Metropolitan is worth choosing for a variety of reasons, ranging from talented professors to great diversity in the educational process.  

What are your plans for the future?     

After graduating from the university, I am planning to continue gaining skills in my professional field because it is always good to learn more. It is important for me to work on my portfolio and try to practice in different interior design studios, sharing my skills with others and learning along the way. Working hard on my career and climbing to my dream is my main priority. 


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